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Sunspots offers Vacation Rental Service in Seattle

(News Item #0082, Published: 04/01/08)

After eight years operating Vacation Rental homes in three states Sunspots Resorts has opened a division to handle Seattle area vacation rentals exclusively.

The announcement was made by William May, President of Sunspots who said, "Many guests know we are headquartered in Seattle and were perplexed that we did not have lodging in this market. But vacation rentals in metropolitan areas is growing as quickly as in well-known recreational markets, so we have to give our customers what they want."

"Local and regional customers think first of resort markets where we operate," said Penny Taylor Sunspots VP and Sales Director, "But people forget that Seattle is the biggest destination in the state."

"Of course Seattle visitors are often coming from distant states or other countries, but local residents outside the metropolitan area travel frequently to the city as well.," said May."Staying in a fully outfitted home instead of a small room for more than a few days is simply a much better experience and financially attractive too. That is why the growth in vacation rentals in metropolitan areas is exploding."

"Corporations also need to place employees and other company visitors in better accommodations for weeks or months," adds Taylor. "The volumn of visitors to an area like Seattle is a bit hidden but adds up to more visitors than the entire rest of the state."

Sunspots has engaged the services of a real estate expert and a hospitality expert to head up its Seattle operation. "They provide the kind of Guest and Owner services that are unmatched in our industry, and we have several programs one of which will fit any owners needs." Said Taylor, "We are meeting now with a great many owners ready to put their homes into the rental pool."

Sunspots is currently accepting Rental Properties in many areas of the region. Prospective owners should call Mary Phillips at 888-628-8989 to discuss their properties.

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