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Vacasa on Deaths Door

(News Item #0462, 05/09/24) POSTINGS — With current lilaibites $200 million more than current liablites, is Vacasa close to bankrupc? Or will a white knight buy the firm and sell of the inventory of read more ›

Vacasa Hawaii Vacation Rentals Plight: Low Satisfaction, High Fees

(News Item #0461, 03/10/24) Beat of Hawaii — We felt stung when we checked vacation rentals in Hawaii and found that even on five or more day rentals, fees and taxes in most cases were about equal to or more than the actual rental cost. read more › read more ›

Beyond the sharing Economy hipsters hype - the Real Airbnb Effect

(News Item #0293, 02/07/14) — This is an opinion from Steve Brenner, co-owner of the Cross-Pollinate information site, owner of the Beehive and ex-member the STA Travel team. read more ›

Yelp aggressive Ad company

(News Item #0292, 01/16/14) Seattle Times Newspaper — Is Yelp an impartial free service to consumers or an aggressive advertising company touting the services of paying clients, asks guest columnist Terry Thomas. read more ›

Florida Vacation Rental Managers Teach Liens

(News Item #0282, 02/20/13) — Vacation Rental property managers are sometimes left short by property owners. The Association offers a course that deals with collecting from property owners including the use of liens. read more ›

Your 2013 travel resolution? Don’t be a jerk

(News Item #0278, 01/03/13) Seattle Times Newspaper — Wheter you're flygin, driving or sailing, there's something about travel that brings out the jer in all of us. read more ›

WAVRMA widens doors for new members & directors

(News Item #0263, 04/27/12) — Washington State Vacation Rental Manager Association returns to its roots of free wwheeling open-forum trade association open to membeship by managers, suppliers and vacation rental suppoters. read more ›

VRA Director - 10 Things Vacation-Rental Sites Won't Say

(News Item #0257, 12/14/11) Smart Money Magazine — Since 2008, when Americans spent $24 billion on vacation rentals, the industry has undergone a veritable sea change, thanks to a new breed of travel-booking websites read more ›

The Music-Copyright Enforcers

(News Item #0272, 08/06/11) New York Times — read more ›

TripAdvisor releases survey results

(News Item #0246, 07/27/11) —

Homeaway announces Brand Boost Program

(News Item #0244, 07/21/11) —

Talks Breakdown on Vacation Rental Switch

(News Item #0239, 06/30/11) — Efforts to establish a website with on-line booking capabilities by the Vacation Rental Manager's Assn. have fallen apart. read more ›

Jim Haring, Chicago Vacation Rental Advocate Passes

(News Item #0235, 04/11/11) — Born in New York, long time resident of Chicago, operator of China Doll Vacation Rentals with his wife Yanan, passed away April 8th, 2011 read more ›

Jonathan McIntyre re-joins Sunspot Resorts

(News Item #0230, 01/24/11) Dupe - — The years he spent in the Architectural industry gave Jonathan McIntyre a new perspective on the lodging industry. He has rejoined Sunspot Resorts to apply what he learned to hospitality. read more › read more ›

VRA Director - How to hunt a Midwest vacation rental

(News Item #0205, 04/18/10) — While vacation rentals are no new thing, but now the industry is growing due to the Internet and other factors according to VRIA President. read more ›

VRA Umbria Chapter Recuits Throughout Italy

(News Item #0199, 04/15/10) — VRIA Italian Chapter Directory recruits leaders for other provinces. read more ›

VRA Opens First Chapter in Italy

(News Item #0200, 03/15/10) — The Vacation Rental Industry Association (VRIA) has announced the formation of its first Chapter in Italy, in the province of Umbria. Headed up by Giuseppe Nuzzaci. read more ›

VRA Announces Vacation Rental Angels Program

(News Item #0193, 12/25/09) — Christmas Day, the Vacation Rental Industry Association announced the creation of the Vacation Rental Angel Program to recognize members who regularly donate vacation home use to charitable causes. read more ›

Home Rentals at Olympics Make Charity A Winner

(News Item #0196, 12/22/09) Seattle Times Newspaper — offers 170 rental homes for the Vancouver BC Olympics with proceeds going to Charity. read more ›

Washington State's Most Remote Luxury Retreat

(News Item #0190, 12/15/09) Dupe - — It sites five miles above 4,000 foot Blewett Pass but is kind of luxuriouis private vacation rental home you only see in prestigious magazines. 5 Bedrooms, 3 baths and packed with activities and fun. read more ›

Eight Rungs of the Giving Ladder

(News Item #0188, 11/26/09) — Durring the Middle Ages a Jewish Rabbi created the Eight Rungs of Giving Ladder. It judges the motives, methods and sincerity of the giver. How do you rate? read more ›

Student's killing puts spotlight on illegal 'vacation rentals'

(News Item #0185, 11/15/09) — Unsold home becomes vacation rental that allows college age kids to rent it for parties and problems. read more ›

Travellers could be sued for hotel rants

(News Item #0181, 10/12/09) — In Australia large companies find it difficult to sue for defamation, but employees of those companies and smaller firms can sue travellers for harsh reviews. read more ›

Friendliest Pet Video Contest Announced by

(News Item #0171, 08/27/09) — Now your wacky, weird or just plain wonderful pet video can star on read more ›

Are travel agents making a comeback?

(News Item #0169, 08/12/09) — Online travel sites flooded with overwhelming options, all claiming the best deals. But some travelers find themselves defecting to brick and mortar travel agents for the extra help and service. read more ›

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