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VRA Opens First Chapter in Italy

(News Item #0200, Published: 03/15/10)

It began with a single email and has grown into International cooperation. Today, the Vacation Rental Industry Association (VRIA), headquartered in Seattle Washington USA, announced it has granted a Chapter designation to a group of members in Perugia, Umbria Italy.

"We have had Members in many countries for years, and a few Chapters in other cities such as Paris, but this is our first active Chapter in Italy," said William May, President of VRIA. "I don't know how Giuseppe first found us some months ago, but over time we have shared many ideas and now he is spearheading the growth of his VRIA Chapter."

The new group is associated with another local organization that Giuseppe Nuzzacia is a member of - the Umbria Villa Owners Association. "Coordinating our activities with a US association will help us further promote Italy and the Umbria region," said Nuzzaci.

"We have found that the opportunities and challenges of operating private vacation home rentals is pretty much the same in every country, " says May. As a relatively new industry, one that is fast growing, learning from one another is the most efficient route to growth and stability.

Nuzzaci and his wife Elga are happy holiday home owners, operating three villas in Perugia online at ( The Nuzzaci properties are also the first owner in the entire country to have received a "Verified Vacation Rental" award from the Association. "This means we have investigated and verified his ownership of the property so guests can rely on its existence," says May.

VRIA offers both Verification and onsite vacation home Inspections, service long missing in the Vacation Rental industry. Unlike Hotels which often belong to chains or groups, and rated by governmental or hotel trade associations, guests fear renting a home that is sub-standard or possibly even non-existent. Now that problem has been solved.

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VRIA is a not-for-profit professional trade association of Owners, Managers, Suppliers and Website Publishers all working together to grow and improve the industry of Holiday Homes, Holiday Lets and Vacation Rentals the world over. The Association has low annual dues.

The Association provides many benefits to members including Newsletters, Books, Classes, Property Inspections, Professional Certifications and the world's first Multiple Listing Service for Vacation Rentals at ( That service is used to produce local Chapter property listing websites such as (

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To consider joining the Italian Chapter telephone Mr. Nuzzaci at (+39) 075 5725 765. To learn more about VRIA International contact William May, Executive Directory at ( By email at or telephoning 866-925-7083 toll free in the US.

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