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Finding, examining and selecting a Vacation Rental has become a convoluted process. There are hundreds of places to look and thousands of homes to choose from. How do you know which home is best for you? Where can you find them quickly and safely?

The Vacation Rental Multiple Listing services (VRMLS) does not directly list properties for rent. Instead Managers and Owners have a convenient way to publish ads where you are likely to find them. You are encouraged to visit any of the participating VRIA website publishers.

  • Find More Properties That Meet Your Needs
  • That are Listed on Convenient Websites
  • Locate Properties In More Easily
  • Go Directly to Managers and Owners Who Know Their Communities
  • See More Photos & Images of Every Property
  • Get Fuller Descriptions & Details
  • Look for VRIA Verified and Inspected Homes
  • From Certified Owners and Managers
  • Make Reservations Quickly Online

The VRMLS is owned by the Vacation Rental Industry Association ( a not-for-profit trade association. Guests can trust VRIA members. We don't intervene between guests and owners, but let us know what you think of their services.

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