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The Vacation Rental Multiple Listing Service (VRMLS) is owned by the Vacation Rental Industry Association (VRIA) a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to provide information, services and support to members on an affordable and reliable basis.

It is our goal to be available to VRIA members on a reliable basis. On the other hand, VRIA is a not-for-profit organization so we ask you allow reasonable time for responses to Emails in particular, for faster service please call our offices listed below.

We do not provide personal recommendations or other services to Guests. So they are encouraged to visit any of the consumer websites which choose to make list of our MLS system. Some of those are listed on the "For Guests" tab of this website. We also do not intervene in disputes or communications between guests and property managers as adjudication is outside the scope of our services.

  • For information contact our office at the address, email or phone numbers below.

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