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Jim Haring, Chicago Vacation Rental Advocate Passes

(News Item #0235, Published: 04/11/11)

Jim Haring, an advocate for Vacation Rentals in the Chicago area, passed away April 8th. Here is his Obituary from the Chicago Tribune.

Jim & Yanan Haring
Jim & Yanan Haring


NOVEMBER 17, 1945 - APRIL 8, 2011

Jim was born in New York City. He was the son of Robert and Alletta Haring and he joined older brother David when he went home to Westchester County. The family lived in a number of places as they raised their boys. Jim's love of the water and sailing began on Long Island and continued to be his passion all of his life.

He received his undergraduate degree at Case Western and his MBA at Northwestern University. He fell in love with Chicago and never left. He was many things: a sailor, a master gardener, a diver, a skier, a remodeler, a farmer, a financial planner, a tax preparer, and a loan officer.

Ten years ago he established China Doll Vacation Rentals, the first vacation rental business in Chicago. He was very active in politics for his wonderful Libertarian party and the Heartland Institute.

In 1996 he met Yanan and fell in love; they married in December of 1996. They went to China and had their official Chinese wedding on September 30th 1998. Yanan worked beside him helping him build their dreams and spent the last months of Jim's life showing him how much he was loved. She was with him at the end to kiss him goodbye.

Jim is also survived by his brother David and many nephews and nieces. Jim had many friends in all areas of his life, and he will be very much missed. Jim asked that there be no flowers or sad faces, and if you want to make him happy send your remembrances to the Heartland Institute, at 19 S. LaSalle Street, Suite 903, Chicago IL 60603.

There will be a celebration of Jim's life on Friday April 22nd at 5:00 p.m. at the Columbia Yacht club located at 111 North Lakeshore Drive (at the end of Randolph Street), Chicago IL 60601, phone 312-938-3625.

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