Worldwide Vacation Rentals. Beta Website !

Owners and Managers have a problem. How to pick from the hundreds of advertising Websites? How to justify the cost of each ad? How to find the time to create ads, upload photos and manage listings with minimum of labor?

The answer is the Vacation Rental Multiple Listing Service. The only place where Members can submit once and publish repeatedly. VRMLS make it easier to submit ads to your website. And easier for you to increase listings with a far lower acquisition cost.

  • Vastly Increase Your Number Of Advertisers
  • Set Property Criteria. Determine Pricing & Offer Other Services
  • Calendar, Rates & All Data Willingly Synchronize Inbound and Outbound
  • Synchronize with Your Website through APIs or other Automation
  • Decrease Advertiser Acquisition Cost
  • Decrease Administration Time
  • Establish New Sites Quickly & Easily
  • Support Industry Wide Data Set Standard

Here is how it works: We setup an API or other connectivity allowing Members to select and purchase listings from you. Data for each property is uploaded with little effort. Anything that streamlines ad buying is good for you, good for owner/managers and good for the industry.

Best of all - you set the terms for listings on your site. Some publishers are free, some charge an annual fee and others work on a per-inquiry or commission basis. We can accommodate whatever method you prefer. In the long run, you get far more listings far quicker.

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