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Staff Members

We are here to assist you in using this website. Please locate the individual below most likely to know the subject you want to ask about and feel free to email them directly.

Name Title Phone Email
James B. Shinn II President 360-239-9460
Jonathan M. McIntyre Creative Director 866-925-7083
Joseph Romain Creative Director 866-765-7520
Kylee Genett Property Coordinator 866-925-5188
Muhammad Faheem Media & Content 866-925-7083
Ozair Khalid Programming 866-925-7083
Penny L. Taylor, CVRP Member Services 866-925-7083
Ronald Wallace Lee Operations 866-925-7083
Ryan O. Coley System Administrator 866-925-7083
Salman Arshad Programming 866-925-7083
Thomas B. Elliott President 866-925-7083
William Victor May, CVRP Administration 800-854-2834

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