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How the VRMLS works

VRIA Members have exclusive access to the world's first Vacation Rental Multiple Listing Service. The goal is to increase advertising, decrease administration, get more inquiries and control costs. Here is how it works:

For Managers and Owners

  • The VRMLS is not a consumer website, properties are not visible to the public.
  • It is a service to Members who can easily upload properties.
  • Description, Features, Amenities, Photos & Videos submitted just once.
  • Members select from dozens (even hundreds) of websites.
  • All done with a single click of the mouse.
  • Listings appear near instantly with no additional labor.

For Website Publishers

  • Offer their Websites for Members to choose.
  • Can be free, trial offers, annual fees or any payment plan.
  • Automatically receive hundreds or thousands of properties.
  • As easy a Real Estate MLS services.

Annual VRIA dues are affordable. Membership is open to Managers, Owners, Suppliers and Publishers. All enjoy many Association benefits. Fees support the organization and programs like the VRMLS.

See Screen Shots of the listing process

General Info