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Jonathan McIntyre re-joins Sunspot Resorts

(News Item #0230, Published: 01/24/11) Dupe -

After a number of years at Sunspot Vacation Rental Managers, Jonathan McIntyre jumped to the Architectural industry where applied creative skills honed in the lodging industry. Now he has returned to Lodging to combine his love of both businesses.

Jonathan McIntyre - Creative Director Sunspot Vacation Rental Managers
Jonathan McIntye

"Architecture was fun, but I kind of missed the go-go atmosphere of lodging, "said McIntyre. "There is a speed to the marketing and creative services that is hard to find anywhere else. Plus they made me a great offer."

"We are so lucky to have Jon back with us. It feels like a family member has come back from a long trip and now we just want him to stay with us as we jump into the future, " said William May, President of Sunspots.

Last time around Sunspots had no idea how comprehensive were McIntyre's marketing and creative skills. He joined the firm as a photographer but his creative and managerial skills quickly took him to the top as Creative Director.

"Jon trained me when I got here and I look forward to collaborating with him again. It gets me stoked." said Joseph Romain, currently Sunspots photographer and creative director.

McIntyre noted, "I'm going to oversee all of the companies marketing, including advertising for individual homes, resorts and hotels. We are tops at websites, photography and graphics and I'll keep us moving on those. But I will also manage the media buying, marketing strategy and internet advertising. It will be fun."

Jon may even get a chance to shoot and photos when in the field on marketing assignment. He is famous for in his role as manager of Signatours Image Team the company's lodging images business.

"It is a great relief when you hire someone and find them so competent, " said Penny Taylor, another Finito officer. "Our team just keeps getting stronger and people like Jon are the reason."

McIntyre was raised in Oregon and Idaho, graduated from Lane College well known for its graphics department and then University of Idaho. Jon has been a professional photographer for many years and still shoot events and weddings as time permits.

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