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Vacation Home Rental-By-Owner Tips

(News Item #0111, 07/27/04) — read more ›

Author Campaigns for Relief from "Vacation Deficit Disorder"

(News Item #0114, 04/14/04) — read more ›

Coralville couple become landlords of Florida home

(News Item #0191, 12/28/03) Cedar City Iowa — Frequent Orland Florida Visitors Tedand Yvonne Wernimont have purchased a vacation rental home with an eye toward retirement income. read more ›

Investing in a Vacation Home isn’t Without Risk

(News Item #0192, 12/28/03) Cedar City Iowa — Real estate and financial experts say it takes a savvy homeowner to make a vacation home work as an investment. William May, director of the Vacation Rental Industry Association agrees. read more ›

America Needs a Vacation

(News Item #0095, 08/24/03) Seattle Times Newspaper — read more ›

Homeowner associations: Devils or angels?

(News Item #0062, 07/01/03) — read more ›

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