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Looks easy, doesn't it? Managing Vacation Rental Homes.

Just find dozens or hundreds of owners who need assistance, hire some staff and you are in the money. Right?

Like most things in life - management isn't the easy life. Taking responsibility for millions of dollars of property is not undertaken lightly. Finding quality staff takes diligence, overseeing housekeeping and maintenance is a never ending chore. Dealing with consumers can be a joy, but a few bad apple guests can make it a nightmare sometimes too.

The last thing you need to worry about is advertising, Websites and the Internet. That is where the Vacation Rental Multiple Listing Service comes in. VRMLS makes it easy to submit ads, get them running and cut your costs.>

  • Enter dozens or hundreds of properties but only once
  • Or use your Management Software to do it electronically
  • Publish on Dozens Of Websites With One Click
  • Select from Affordable & Even Free Vacation Rental Sites
  • Including Association, Community & Travel Sites
  • Decrease Ad Costs While Increasing Distribution
  • Easily Imbed Listings Into Your website
  • Increase Control Over Your Listings
  • Edit, Stop & Start Listings Instantly
  • Significantly Decrease Administrative Time
  • One Place To List & Review Results
  • Decreases Dominance On Non Cooperating Websites

Listing your property on the Vacation Rental Multiple Listings is the easiest way to increase advertising distribution. Get more exposure on more websites. Increase bookings at a lower overall cost. Do it all in less time and with more control.

Managers like the VRMLS too. This is an industry wide effort. Join us for personal benefit and to support the industry. The best news is - there is absolutely no cost for listing properties. Plus get a free listings on Members only website.

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