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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have an Availability Calendar?

A: Boy do we. And dare we say its better than the calendars you find on any other Vacation Rental listing site. Yes it has all the nice features for dates, blocking and formats. But our calendar is truly "Universal." Just like all other features on this website we offer to synchronize Up or Down with all other websites that want to help their advertisers be up to date and do so with less work. Your software company too can sync with this calendar.

Q: Does your calendar synchronize with HomeAway or VRBO?

A: Not yet. Everyone in the industry hopes that HomeAway will one day choose to cooperate with our publishers and software Publishers. For now, the request has fallen on deaf ears.

Many responsible websites and software companies are working with VRA to synchronize calendars to make listing and publishing easier for Owners and Managers.

Q: Do you edit my listing in any way?

A: We never touch the content or ideas in your listing. We do reserve the right to correct typos, spelling and inappropriate information. For example, you are not allowed to discuss your competitors by name. If your listing is not acceptable as written we will put it on hold, notify you of the problem and invite you to make alterations.

Q: How do Guest Inquiries come to me?

A: When a Guest completes and submits an inquiry those come instantly by email. But we also keep them in a list which you can review online anytime by logging on to VRMLS. Its called safekeeping and you'll appreciate being able to look up old inquiries and Guests at any time.

Q: Why should I choose VRMLS instead of other websites?

A: The VRMLS is owned by the Vacation Rental Association ( the only Not-For-Profit group that serves the entire vacation rental industry. This is open-submission and open-distribution service where all Owners, Managers, Publishers and Suppliers are welcome to participate. VRMLS offers all the features of the big guys without all the cost. Better yet changes, alterations and the entire direction of the association are controlled by you the members.

Q: How do Guests contact me about a property?

A: Many Vacation Rental listing sites force Guests to go through their online inquiry system so they can prove they are getting you results. We would never do such a thing. You will notice that VRA sponsored websites have that feature too. But you can also choose to have your name, phone number and website featured on your listings. These make it easier for guests to reach you quickly and that will gain your more bookings.

Q: How long will it take for my listing to appear?

A: Your submission is visible instantly on VRMLS but will not appear on websites you publish too, until we have reviewed your listing for authenticity. Please allow up to two business days, but it can be as little as a few minutes.

Q: How many photos can I submit?

A: A lot more than other websites that is for sure. We ask that Owners keep that number to 32 or less but if you need more please email us. We like great images. It is best if you put the most important photos first because some of the Publisher websites may limit the number of photos they will accept.

Q: How should I respond to Guest inquiries?

A: The first rule is to get back to inquiries fast. An inquiry means they want to hear from you and the sooner the better. If a Guest provides a phone number feel free to call them. If they don't answer then respond by email. And even if you speak with them be sure to follow up by email.

Q: How often can I update my listing?

A: As often as you like but remember that each time you change it, the ad will go off line until we review the changes. This is for your protection - we don't want ads to appear which are inappropriate in any way.

Q: How do I pay for my listings?

A: The right to list properties comes along with your membership the Vacation Rental Association ( Owners can post three homes. Managers can post up to 100. There is no additional fee for submitting your properties to the VRMLS and that includes some free websites. If you choose to appear on other paid websites you can pay by credit card or call us to pay by check.

Q: Do you offer a guarantee?

A: Listing properties on VRMLS is a privilege available to all Owner and Managers members of the not-for-profit Vacation Rental Association. Members can get a full refund of their membership duties by canceling within 30 days after joining or within 30 days after their annual renewal.

Q: Is your site secure?

A: We follow industry norms for use of digital certificates and you will see a closed lock or a solid key at the bottom of your browser when you are on a page which asks you to submit a credit card number. Use of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the industry standard and uses a 128-bit encryption technology security protocol.

Q: How do I edit a listing?

A: Altering or disabling your listing is easy on VRMLS. Just logon and go to the Member control panel. On the right hand menu, you will find a selection for Vacation Rentals. Click on that to see a list of all your rentals and then choose which one to edit.

Q: Who sets the rates for my property?

A: You determine all information posted to your listing including rates. We are not involved with setting rates or writing your content.

Q: Do you share my listing information with others?

A: VRA member information is available to all other members in the association but is not sold to outsiders. Your listing information is distributed to website Publishers who subscribe to our services and who you choose as media.

Q: Can I tell how many people are looking at my listings?

A: On the VRMLS member control panel you can look up views, inquiries, favorited and other information revealing how your listing is doing.

Q: Can I list my property if it's already listed on other websites?

A: Absolutely. Positively. In fact we recommend using a good number of websites to get maximum inquiries. On the other hand, with VRMLS you can choose to instantly post your property to multiple websites some of which are even free. All of which are affordable.

Q: Can I link from my listing to my own website?

A: You sure can. Some commercial sites want your money and your listings but they hide your identity in hopes of driving customers back to their site instead of ours. That is a disservice to you as well as the Guests. On VRMLS you are welcome to put in a link to the property website and even your Manager's website.

Q: Can I cancel my listing?

A: You can cancel or make your listing inactive at any time. Your data is not usually deleted from our database and it may be able to reactivate your listing later if you choose.

Q: How will VRMLS differ from the commercial websites?

A: Much of our data structure and functionality will be similar to what Owner/Managers experience. The process of adding, editing and removing properties must be smooth and easy. But there are other fundamental rules which will differ markedly from commercial sites and which will make the MLS more valuable than any of them. The service is owned by a not-for-profit organization formed to serve its members not the needs of Wall Street.

Q: Can certification be included on my property or websites?

A: Yes, that is the idea. Owners should be proud to let Guests know they have met the standards. But we do require that the VRA name always be included with the Blue Ribbon, CRVO and CRVP designation.

Q: How long is the Blue Ribbon inspection award good for?

A: It is necessary to have a property re-inspected every three years to continue displaying the blue ribbon logo. Vacation homes maintain their quality for a long while, but Guests want to know its been reviewed periodically.

Q: How much is Guest Membership cost?

A: Not a Penny. Guests can visit the property verification sites absolutely for free. This service is provided through the support of the Owner, Manager, Publisher and Supplier Members.

Q: Can I list more than one property?

A: Owner members may post up to three listings as part of their membership dues; no additional cost. If you have more you can upgrade to a Manager membership. Managers can post up to 99 listings for their annual dues. An Unlimited Manager membership can post even more.

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